Moon Woodturning, Inc

We want to welcome you to Moon Woodturning, Inc. We are a small turning company located in Pacific, MO, approximately 30 miles west of St. Louis, MO.

We turn on Madison Rotary Knife Lathes, where we do our own in-house tooling to match specific patterns for our productions runs.

We have a CNC copy lathe that gives us the ability to complete the small to medium size orders.

On our orders of 1-10 piece we are able to turn by “Hand”. Example (columns, rosettes, balusters, finials, etc.)

Moon Woodturning, Inc. has turned many pieces for the shops & mills in St. Louis & beyond, and we have been involved in many Historical Restoration projects.

We are also able to do Custom Woodworking, such as doors, cabinets, radius molding, etc…

Moon Woodturning, Inc. would be able to handle all your woodturning needs, from 1 piece to 1,000 pieces. We would appreciate an opportunity to quote any of your specific turnings or custom wood working needs.

Thank you for visiting our web site,
Sam Moon

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